Oct 31, 2022 • 2M

Welcome to the Materially Better podcast

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Tsung Xu
Conversations on new performance materials and their applications with founders, scientists and leaders. Hosted by Tsung Xu, a repeat founder, blogger and venture partner.
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🎙 I am launching a podcast called Materially Better 🎙

It is a series of conversations about new high performance materials and the ways they are being integrated into novel products. I am really excited to deep dive with guests on this exciting future.

My two part article series on performance materials were well received, and helped inspire me to try out this new format.

I’ve already recorded three episodes with leading founders and a world-class scientist, and have three more guests lined up so far. The first three episodes will drop in the week of November 7th, and you can expect biweekly episodes after that. I might ramp up to a weekly cadence later.

You can listen or watch the trailer on Spotify, Apple or Youtube. Do follow along for new episodes in your player of choice.

Hello again Substack

I also moved my blog (back) to Substack!

I had actually planned to start my writing on my startup explorations on here, but at the time Substack did not offer on-page anchor links. I had really wanted a table of contents for my book-length energy transition piece. Also, now that I’m podcasting and writing occasional articles, Substack makes sense.

It offers a materially better (yep, I said it) newsletter signup flow vs Ghost.io, the previous blogging platform I was using. Not to mention many writers I read are here as well, and the ever-improving network effects are too compelling to ignore.

It feels like a new phase, and I’m excited to share more through the new podcast and occasional writing. Onwards!