Ryan Graves: Humble Bee Bio, Plant vs Microbial Biofactories, and Rapid Distributed R&DListen now | Ryan Graves is the CTO of Humble Bee Bio, a NZ-based early stage startup developing novel biomaterials to replace plastics. We talk about The rapid improvement of synthetic biology Humble Bee Bio's polymer How the polymer derives its unusual properties from a…
Antonio Castro Neto: Graphene Godfather on the Types of Graphene, Graphene-Kevlar Helmets, and the Future of 2D MaterialsListen now (57 min) | Antonio Castro Neto, dubbed the “godfather of graphene”, is a professor at the National University of Singapore. There, he directs…
Melik Demirel: Squid-inspired Protein Pioneer on Self-healing and Programmable MaterialsListen now (47 min) | Melik Demirel is the co-founder of Tandem Repeat, a startup working on squid-inspired bioengineered materials and he's a professor…
Max Mundt: A Revolution of Matter, Insempra’s Biomaterials, and Self-improving Bio-iPhonesListen now (42 min) | Max Mundt is the VP of Business Development and employee #1 at Insempra and a part-time venture partner for Amino Collective. We…
Welcome to the Materially Better podcastA series of conversations about high performance materials and the ways they are being integrated into novel products.
I will be collaborating with two different venture funds as a venture partner, Collaborative Fund and Climate Capital Bio.
And they hint at a future with vastly better products
The case for this and why it matters.
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