👋 Hi, I’m Tsung.

I'm exploring frontier tech startup ideas with a focus on synbio and energy. I want to start a company in 2024 based on these ideas.

Here, I share what I learn along the way, usually as long form articles. Recently, I've been exploring the opportunities for synbio-enabled materials in consumer products, which I am currently writing about. I've also written a (very) long form piece on the transition to clean energy which some people found useful.

I think the 2020s are one of the best times in history for a startup to build products made of atoms. We have a generational opportunity ahead of us in leveraging an incredible technology stack including energy, synbio, batteries hardware, AI, and more. You can subscribe to my blog to get updates or ways to contact me below.


I am a generalist, repeat founder who is handy with code.

I built two startups straight out of university in Sydney, before I consulted and advised others. I worked on UX research at Tyro and then moved to San Francisco to join Uber Eats. There, I helped develop new products and unlocked customer pain points.

After leaving to build mission-driven startups again, I am now exploring ideas enabled by cheap, cheap electrons and other technological tailwinds and live in Austin.

I also love learning, and learning fast. Whilst in primary school, I taught myself Grade 12 math with textbooks and tutoring. After I left Uber, I taught myself to code an MVP mobile app in React Native in two months. Once in my 20s, I wanted to try stand up. Within a month, I went from no experience to delivering a set in front of 70 paying people.

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