An epochal transition to clean energy is accelerating. Learn about the drivers, see what past transitions teach us, and explore what comes next.


👋 Hi, I’m Tsung.

I'm working on pulling forward a future powered by clean, cheap energy.

Here, you'll find insights on one of our time’s biggest shifts from fossil fuels to clean, cheap energy. Not enough people are talking about how quickly this transition is happening. I have been learning about the transition for over a year, and was very surprised. Now, I am writing my thoughts on the transition and its potential impacts.

The clean energy transition is a generational opportunity that is good for the planet. There will be many problems that become solvable because of this transition. For example, cheap, clean CO2 from the air, emerging new materials and more. I am currently exploring these and related ideas.


I am a generalist, repeat founder who is handy with code.

I built two startups straight out of university in Sydney, before I consulted and advised others. I worked on UX research at Tyro and then moved to San Francisco to join Uber Eats. There, I helped develop new products and unlocked customer pain points.

After leaving to build mission-driven startups again, I am now exploring ideas enabled by cheap, cheap electrons and other technological tailwinds and live in Austin.

I also love learning, and learning fast. Whilst in primary school, I taught myself Grade 12 math with textbooks and tutoring. After I left Uber, I taught myself to code an MVP mobile app in React Native in two months. Once in my 20s, I wanted to try stand up. Within a month, I went from no experience to delivering a set in front of 70 paying people.

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